Monday, December 04, 2006


What the fuck is the government putting in the water in old Blighty? One moment it's all laddish swagger and Ride guitars, the next it's kids doing poppers at 2pm outside a corner grocery, dressing like colorblind homeless people, and writing utterly brilliant grime-meets-post-punk songs about hating everything, the whole bunch jizzed all over the virtual cum bucket that is Myspace. Seriously, where does all this awesome shit come from?

If you like Klaxons, you'll lose your shit over Hadouken!, a four-piece that bridge that gap between the Pop Group, Tigarah and Dizzy Rascal. They're unsigned, hate new rave, and their song "That Boy That Girl"--about cookie-cutter indie scensters stealing all their fun--will be the floor-filler of next year, mark our words. Download it by clicking below, and keep a dilated pupil peeled for these kids.

Hadouken! - That Boy That Girl


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