Friday, April 20, 2007

Sorry About The Really Short, Somewhat Meaningless Posts At The Moment...

...but life is kind of taking its own course right now. Last night we saw Hot Chip, and they killed it. We'd like to officially declare them the '00s answer to the Spice Girls.

Anyway, the real (REAL) reason of this post is to showcase the new Unklejam video, which is a bit Busta Rhymes if you ask us but who are we to complain. It's called "What Am I Fighting For?" and it's brilliant.

We really hope they're not one of those bands that major labels sign for all of 87 minutes because they think it's a good way to make loads of cash really quickly but then change their minds :(

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Blogger stopokaygo said...

ohhhhhhhh you saw hot chip!? argh I'm dying of envy. did they play "my piano"?

12:15 AM  

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