Monday, September 10, 2007

In which Lil Mama shows the universe who's fucking boss

We didn't watch the VMA's because really, what's the point? We knew that Birtney would bomb and that Justin would suck, so we decided to watch Arrested Development on DVD instead and guess what, we had a fun time. What did you get? Nothing.

Though, had we known that Disconap-approved teen rap phenomenon Lil Mama was going to show up dressed as a blinged-out toddler, we would have suffered through the MTV insanity for one fleeting glimpse.

AMAZING. Remember when we said we didn't understand why Jive Records was marketing Lil Mama to tweens? Well, we totally endorse it now. If they're going to dress her as the shiny offspring of Lil Kim and Jamie Klaxons, WHO THE FUCK ARE WE TO COMPLAIN. Seriously, let's look at that one more time.

Fucking SO AWESOME. Cannot wait for her album to drop.

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