Monday, December 03, 2007

So we guess there's a new Mutya Buena video out several "Youtubers" have uploaded "B-Boy Baby" within the past hour. So much for that marketing campaign, right, Universal? Etc, etc.

This is of course the track Mutya recorded with Amy Winehouse before Ames went off the deep end with a husband in jail, a crack addiction, a deserting fanbase, a--[OK, we get it--Fallen Popstars Ed.]. Frankly we haven't even watched the full video and we already know that Amy isn't going to be in it, so that takes away about 50% of the pleasure right there. Also, one should note that the song samples "Be My Baby" by '60s girl group The Ronettes, who, if we're going to be frank about it, were the Sugababes of their time.

You'd have thought that if she released this six months ago it would have done wonders for the album, but what can you do. We're sure that Siobhan Donaghy is laughing all the way to the bank (or perhaps not).

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