Friday, December 08, 2006


All of our London buddies (and really, what other buddies matter when it comes to this shit?) have been yapping about Foals for months now, telling us they're really cute, they're going to sign to Transgressive, they're going to be bigger than Klaxons etc etc. It looks like they might be right though, since Foals were just prominently featured in an NME compilation and are selling out venues without a record label. Check out their really, really catchy Go!-Team-meets-Super-Mario-II demo, "The French Open", and see what you think.

Foals - The French Open (Demo)

Hot right? What up cheerleaders on MDMA? Are you here to wash my car?

Here's a live YouTube vid. We had to sort through hundreds of videos of little ponies to find it.

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