Monday, April 23, 2007

It's Not OK To Blog This Way

OK, we haven't blogged about a new band in a while--our bad. But if you haven't checked out The Enemy yet, don't blame US, because they've been EVERYWHERE and are about to BLOW UP. Recently signed to legendary Stiff Records (who released what is possibly the best 7" ever with The Damned's "New Rose") The Enemy are kind of a refreshing change from the Libertines sound that has dominated British rock as of late (not that we don't LOVE The Clash, but does everyone HAVE to rip them off?). The best way to describe them would be Oasis-style working class indie meets The Smashing Pumpkins. Yeah, we know, amaziiiiiiiing.

The Enemy - It's Not OK

Their new single is "Away From Here", a catchy jaunt about the universal human desire to get the fuck out of whatever town you're living in. Coincidentally, the single artwork is one of our favorites for quite some time, not because we like the image of overweight dudes hanging out at the beach (...), but because it prefectly conveys the feeling behind the song, that normal people from normal places can find happiness, or at least contentment, in simple pleasures. Anyway it's awesome. Here's the video.


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