Monday, May 07, 2007

Mmmmm... Pretty.

We were a bit apprehensive of Lavender Diamond at first. Their sunshine vibes and long, flowing locks were a little too flower power for us Joy Division fanatics. Seriously, their Myspace quote is "Peace on earth forever!". SO not punk rock!

Anyway, we got our hands on their Cavalry of Light EP, and fell in love with two tracks: "In Heaven There Is No Heat" and "Please", two amazing summer chill jams that will be racking up plays on our iTunes in the months to come. Lavender Diamond's debut album, Imagine Our Love, is out now on Matador (or is coming out soon, it's so hard to keep track of these things), and the Australian chanteuse and Zero 7 buddy Sia directed the video for their new single, "Open Your Heart" (Unfortch NOT a Human League cover). It is Very Good Indeed.


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