Thursday, June 21, 2007

Mark Ronson and Lily Allen get animated on our asses

We're really into Mark Ronson's cover album Version right now, roughly 78 years after the rest of the world but hey, we work at our own pace. The cover of the Jam's "Pretty Green" featuring Santo Green is quite remarkable, but the record label has decided to go with "Oh My God" as the new single so that'll just have to wait.

The video is a "nod" to Who Framed Roger Rabbit, a film that parents thought was funny but literally scared the shit out of every child on Earth when it was released in the late '80s. If we close our eyes we can still hear that crazy dude going "He sounded just... LIKE... THIIIIIIIIIIISSSSSS!!!" and dropping that poor cartoon shoe in the Dip--why did our mothers let us watch that shit? We think you can actually see Mark nod in the video, which we find funny.


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