Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Last youtube link of the day, we promise

Seriously. we're just making up for lost time, we've been busy, they embed easily, we don't have to post songs... you understand.

We don't believe in guilty pleasures here at DN (perhaps you haven't noticed). If we like it, then that means it's good, and if Avril or American Idol or Her Bextority float your boat then you shouldn't have to make any apologies.

THAT SAID, if we did believe in guilty pleasures, we would be tying spiked weights to our balls right now for liking THIS:

We have no idea who Ally and AJ are, where they came from, or why this song makes our heart bleed crystal tears of pure joy, but "Potential Breakup Song" is here now, and there's no use fighting it. Some numerical points:

1) Oh hey, what up Autotune? We're not sure if this actually qualifies as singing, but neither does Bob Dylan and we don't hear any of you complaining THERE.
2) Some of the "d├ęcor" subtly uses graphics from a Rage Against The Machine album cover--how "LA"!

3)"Now all I want is all my stuff back/Did you hear that/Let me repeat that/I want my stuff back" may be the greatest lyric of 2007. Take THAT "Sufjan"!

Aly and Aj, whoever you are, consider yourselves approved, sigh.

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