Wednesday, July 04, 2007

The Cribs continue their grand tradition of not releasing the best song on the album as a single

There's a new Cribs video.

It's good--though we suspect that one girl is Cory Kennedy which makes us a little nauseous (what next, God? What will you slowly kill our souls with next?). We adore the Cribs possibly more than any rock band currently walking the Earth, but frankly they need to just destroy everything and release "Our Bovine Public". People will be picking pieces of their brains out of their asses for the rest of time. It may, just possibly, be their Best Song Everâ„¢.


CSS, one of our other favorite bands, has renixed the Cribs' last single, "Men's Needs". NOrmally we'd be kind of against someone doing a dance remix of the greatest punk band alive, BUT it's CSS so we let this one slide by. It's actually very good.

The Cribs - "Men's Needs (CSS Remix)"

The Cribs are touring the US soon. Google it because we are too lazy.

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