Monday, July 16, 2007

A post featuring Sophie Ellis-Bextor, burglary and cats

HRH Lady Ellis-Bextor has a new single coming out, it's called "Today The Sun Is On Us" (don't forget the SPF +40!) and it's not quite as good as "Catch You" or "Me and My Imagination", but it's the Third Single so I suppose she had to go for a Slow One. All this is pretty irrelevant when the video is taken in account, which is below for your viewing pleasure.

Oh yes. That's right. Best pop video fo the year. It's as if God himself witnessed the whole "Song 4 Mutya" "dilemma" and restored the pop video balance in the universe. Numerical number-points:

1. This video cements our theory that anyone can look highly stylish and awesome with a wavy 1930's hairstyle.

2. We also hate it when people tell you to "get off the computer" because they "have things to do" when "things" merely references them checking their gmail and playing the new version of Warbears :(

3. SOPHIE SINGING IN A SHOWER. Along with Roisin singing on the toilet in her new video, there is clearly a trend emerging of Powerful Pop Ladies performing in bathrooms and bathroom-like areas. Next: Tahita from New Young Pony Club brushing her teeth? It's not impossible.

4. Showers are often wet, and a wet Ellis-Bextor resembles a cat even more than a dry Ellis-Bextor. Figure a:


5. Spoiler alert: at the end of the video SHE IS A CAT BURGLAR. Seriously, M. Night Shyamalan needs to get on this shit because WHAT A TWIST.

6. With all this talk of cats, a venture into lolcatdom is, of course, inevitable. We present to you lolsophie:

We love this bitch. So much. Special shout out to Pink Ring for the heads up!

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