Thursday, September 13, 2007

Britney Watch 2007™ takes a turn for the worst

So, by now you're probably seen that Chris Crocker video on youtube, and the Britney Spear VMA performace on dailymotion (or perhaps actual television). In any case, you'd have come to two conclusions:

Conclusion #1: The perormance was awful
Conclusion #2: Britney Spears fans are insane.

While you'd be correct on both accounts, and while we are part-time Britney fans ourselves, this video takes the cake:

It's some guy trying to explain the shittiness of the performance by telling us that Britney's shoe was broken. Which EXPLAINS THE STUMBLING! And the listeless eyes, confused expression, sedated appearance, failure to lip-synch, dazed demeanor, etc etc.

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