Thursday, September 27, 2007

There is a new Richard Hawley video and it is on the World Wide Web

Richard Hawley is a Proper Musician and not some simple pop tart like 99% of the people we rave about on Disconap. He used to be in our favorite band ever (that'll be Pulp for you novices) and has been putting out fucking amazing, heartbreaking '50s -insprired ballads since the late '90s (when he also played guitar on "PURE SHORES" BY ALL SAINTS--yes readers there is some connection to our regulars after all). ANYWAY this is the new video for "Serious":

Actually kind of creepy, but amazing. We love Richard to death, but may we suggest a trip to American Apparel to pick up some snuggier briefs? That ass should be poppin'! Hot!

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