Monday, September 17, 2007

This week's obligatory Frankmusik post

1. Here's Frankmusik discussing current events with a fan.

2. There have been some developments within the Frankmusik "camp". If you visit Frankmuik's MySpace page, and message Frankmuisk, you can win (we guess?) a chance to be in the video for our favorite song of his, "Three Little Words"! That's the one that sounds like Simply Red gone insane. Fun!

3. Frankmusik has also posted four new songs on his MySpace player. There is a song called "Party No No" which we believe we can all agree on as being awesome. Hurray!

4. Today, Frankmusik ate a tuna sandwich.

More on Frankmusik and other popstars right here, on the blog that makes a disgrace of music daily, Disconap!



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