Thursday, December 20, 2007

We're in a really weird state of mind right now

Last night, we went to the Knitting Factory with Abbey Punk Photo and witnessed this:

Which is John C. Reilly as Dewey Cox performing a song from his upcoming movie Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story. You would think that listening to someone sing songs off of a teleprompter and tell dick jokes for an hour would be lame, but it was actually satisfyingly entertaining, probably because people have just seemed to realize that John C. Reilly is a fucking genius and actually hilarious. But we digress (sort of). It was really good but what made us want to post about the performance (because Disconap is of course a POP BLOG and not a MOVIE BLOG or a COUNTRY PASTICHE BLOG) was this:

...which is obviously Reilly as Dewey Cox covering Amy Winehouse. The funny thing is, had Dewey Cox actually existed (and not just have been a fabricated character BROUGHT TO YOU BY THE GUYS WHO MADE SUPERBAD etc etc) Amy Winhouse would have probably thought he was cool, and this cover would have had the effect of Johnny Cash covering "Hurt" or "Personal Jesus" when that happened a few years back. It just made us really sad to hear "Rehab" because, well, it's brilliant, and if Amy weren't so troubled or whatever she would probably be one of the best pop singers of our generation. But because we live in a society that seems to have no better passtime than to crucify random people (not to get all "LEAVE AMY ALONE!" on you guys) we're stuck with a woman who's walking around the street in her underwear. For serious, if this was your cousin's girlfriend or something, you wouldn't think it was funny, you'd think it was sad and horrible.

ANYWAY, we've kind of lost our train of thought, so we guess just enjoy the video and think about Amy in better times (we're thinking the "Fuck Me Pumps" video).

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