Monday, December 10, 2007

We interviewed Calvin Harris and this is what happened

As some of you know already, we sometimes lend our extensive knowledge of music to the good people at and interview pop stars for their program The Dive. Most recently we had a little sit down in the rain with Calvin Harris and talked about (among other things) Kylie Minogue. This was before X was actually released, so there was still a little bit of an air of mystery and awe around the tracks Calvin had produced for her. But since now everyone has heard them we suppose there's not much of a point to hyping them up. Though for the record, Calvin + Kylie = OMG.

We learned a few things about Calvin that day, like:

fig 1. Calvin likes milkshakes, preferably chocolate.

fig 2. Sometimes, Calvin contemplates about the finer points in life, like the Mitchell Brothers.

fig 3. It was Calvin's first time in New York.

We hope you enjoy our interview as much as Calvin did (obviously). To watch it, click here.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

omg sooooo excited for all y'all! what a cutie!

9:26 PM  

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