Monday, February 11, 2008

Be prepared for another YouTube video within the next 24 hours

We're slightly confused if Stefy is basically just Californian singer Stefy Rae OR an eponymous band featuring her and a couple of white men playing rock instruments. A little bit like Goldfrapp then (but what isn't). Anyway, we were somewhat "into" Stefy about a year ago when she (they?) released a bunch of singles no one listened to but were still pretty good. She is (they are?) are now back with a video for "Pretty Little Nightmare", her (their?) best song to date. Watch out for the "I'm so pretty/I'm so pretty" part at the beginning of the chorus, it's definitely the best bit.

Here's the video. It's stop-start animated, so don't be surprised if it makes it on the frontpage of, like right now.

We're pretty sure the theme of the video is "Oooh I'm Stefy I break lots of hearts because I am a sexy lady". Not exactly the same can be said for Simian Mobile Disco, we're afraid.

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