Thursday, June 28, 2007

Battle of the Ex-Sugababes

The Sugababes are one of our favorite girl groups of all time. They had/have it all: dancey pop tunes, multi-ethnicity, ever-changing line-up... basically heaven for any self-respecting Pop Fan. Recently two former members of the group have released solo albums, and unlike so many "Melanie Cs" and other "GeriHalliwells", they're both interesting records, in both Fantastic and Amazing proportions.

We at DNHQ feel that this veritable UPHEAVAL in the very fabric of pop music must be documented properly, and what says "we wanted to blog about these twopopstars separately but can't be bothered" more than a VIRTUAL CAGE FIGHT TO THE DEATH?


Wearing... not much... we have Mutya Buena. Statistics please...

Real name: Rosa Isabel Mutya Buena
Age: 22
Best Song™: Not technically hers, but Groove Armada's "Out of Control (Song 4 Mutya)" might just dethrone "D.A.N.C.E." as the Best Song™ of 2007--but more on that later.
Red Hair?: No
Baby?: Yes

For what it's worth, Mutya was always everyone's favorite Sugababe, if only because she looked fucking awesome, always. We must admit, we were kind of underwhelemed by her solo effort (perhaps because we had such high expectations), but her saving grace came in two forms:

1. She collaborated with The House of Wine on "B Boy Baby" which samples/is a cover of sorts of the Ronettes' "Be My Baby". Far from being a total bandwagon jump on Amy's '60s instrumentation and vocal sylings (well, ok, total bandwagon jump but whatevs) "B Boy Baby" wuold fit graciously on a mixtape between Aretha Franklin and Rihanna. I.e. awesome. Anyway download it.

Mutya Buena feat. Amy Winehouse - "B Boy Baby"

2. The aforementioned "Out of Control (Song For Mutya)" which words cannot describe. Basically it's like your ears swallowed a candy cumshot of melted gummibears cured in vodka. There's no official video yet, but here's Mutya and Groove Armada performing the song live at some show somewhere.

Yes, it is about Mutya rolling up to a stoplight and seeing her ex with a new girl in the car next to her. THE WHOLE SONG IS ABOUT THAT.


Wearing a lot of hairspray... and a bra... it's Siobhán Donaghy!

Real name: Siobhán Donaghy
Age: 23
Best Song™: "Sometimes"
Red Hair?: Yes
Baby?: Not that we know of

Siobhán peaced from the group right after the finished promoting the first Sugababes album, and frankly we have forgotten all about her until her new album, Ghosts was released on Parlophone and shit got real. Sounding like a mix of Kate Bush and Roisin Murphy, the song "Sometimes" might distinguish her as the better Sugababe in the competition (that no one is paying any attention whatsoever to).

Siobhán Donaghy - "Sometimes"

THE perfect laid-back summertime jam. So approuved.

Oh, and look, the fantastic video for "Don't Give It Up":

So... who will it be? This was kind of a crap battle, but we think it's a tie. Now all we need is a REUNION TOUR. If the Spice Girls can patch it up, surely these girls can rake in some extra cash with a stadium date. Paging Simon Fuller...

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