Friday, June 22, 2007

Twee Twee Twee Pop Pop

What do you need this summer? You need a little poppy twee says we! New Zealand's The Brunettes are gearing up for the release of their album, Structures & Cosmetics ('Lil Chief Records) coming to you stateside later this summer. Their 2004 release, Mars loves Venus featured an array of awesome sweet pop (think along the lines of Tilly and the Wall, The Concretes) with titles such as, "Loopy Loopy Love," "Polyester meets Acetate," and "Best friend Envy." The song titles alone will make you heart them, don't they? Yes, I said heart. They're not trying to change the world or anything with their music, but it's good twee and we say we want some more please!

Check out their latest single, "Her Hairagami Set" via stream on their myspace page.



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