Thursday, June 28, 2007

From Lesbian Tonsil Hockey Daisy Chain to Eastern European* Mope Fest

There's a new Simian Mobile Disco video.

Kind of creepy right? We were kind of expecting unabridled dance pit orgies, and instead got slapped with kind of sad poor people. WELL PLAYED, SIMIAN MOBILE DISCO. WELL PLAYED.

Anyway, the above video is for "I Believe", the newest single off of SMD's fucking stellar debut album Attack Decay Sustain Release. They're playing FIXED! July 7th, so come on out and have some fun. We say them DJ there a few months ago and it was KIND OF AMAZING.

PS: Speaking of DJing, don't forget to come to Savalas tonight to see CEC DJ. We posted the flyer a few days ago. Scroll down a bit, you lazy asshole.

*We don't know if these people are Eastern European, we just took a wild guess, which we suppose makes us horrible people. OH WELL.

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