Thursday, September 13, 2007

It's 5AM and we just got home from Calvin Harris' very first American gig...

...and we have some thoughts. First off, it was amazing, for a lot of reasons, though we weren't exactly "feeling" the full band renditions of our favorite Calvin tracks--a part of us just kind of wants him to bust out the lap top and Bonde Do Role it up. But most of it was Very Very Good Indeed including, surprisingly, "The Industry", which is kind of bizarre on record but makes for quite the live tune. "Girls", "Acceptable in the '80s", "Merrymaking at My Place" and "Vegas" were all crowd pleasers. FACT: CALVIN HARRIS HAS NEVER THROWN A HOUSE PARTY. We asked him. Coincidentally, we were also yelled at at Calvin's afterparty by a woman for having brown nipples.

Here is an utterly horrible picture of Calvin we took on our "camera"phone.

This blog is a total disgrace to music, etc etc.

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Blogger Abz said...

You know darling all you had to do was ask. Cuz I was up looking at the shots! No way I could fall asleep right after that show...

1:02 AM  

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