Tuesday, December 04, 2007

God, not another Weird YouTube Rut...

Not again...

This one will be totally worth it though, because we're about to post the video for Hot Chip's super awesome and super gay new single, "Ready For the Floor".

IT'S ALL BATMAN REFERENCES. It's amazing and great and possibly the best song of the year (after "Call the Shots" and some of the Tracey Thorn singles). We love Hot Chip because like all great bands there's only one of them (when, let us not kid ourselves, there are about five Klaxons at the moment). They are one in a million, and kind of remind us of what the Scooby Gang would sound like if they were all men in their 30s and started an electro band.

Joe would be Scooby, obviously.

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Blogger KKH said...

you are so on top of your shit.

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