Sunday, July 02, 2006

I need to hear you tell me you don't want my love

We here at Disco Nap are MASSIVE, MASSIVE Jose Gonzalez fans. We just came back from his Summerstage show with Sue Jorge, and we've fallen even more in love then we were before. Hirenditionon of Kylie Minogue's 1989 hit "Hand on Your Heart" (which he introduced live as "a song by Aitken, Stock and Waterman"--how kick ass??) is possibly one of our favorite cover versions ever (along with "Sex Machine" by Flying Lizards, but that's another post for another time). The video is fairly new and as gorgeous as the song itself, which is rare these days. Enjoy directly above.


Blogger JLAU said...

I LOVE this song!

9:53 AM  

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