Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Jarvis Cocker still genius/profane

Oh man, Jarvis Cocker. We've never been able to get enough of the bespectacled, foppy-haired sex addict. Pulp (see a few posts below) remain one of our favorite bands of all time, and we'd been waiting for some new Jarvis material to sink our teeth into for a long while (not counting Relaxed Muscle--so scary). Now, if you can, close your eyes and imagine our joy when The Tripwire informed us early this afternoon that the Jarv had joined MySpace and posted a new version of his (sort of) new song "(Cunts Are Still) Running the World"! Try as you might, you just can't imagine it, can you? Because it was THAT HUGE. Take a few minutes out of your summer day to check out "Running the World" :


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