Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Girl and the Sea

Above: The Presets' video for "Down Down Down"

Last night, CEC and I went to see the Crashin’In presents: The Presets (Modular) at Williamsburg’s Galapagos; joined by Holy Hail and Goat Explosion, they rocked the Tuesday night out of all of us. You will probably be hearing a lot more about Holy Hail in the near future. Their album is being released by Playlouder Recordings home to such blog favorites, Serena Maneesh and Voxtrot. If you dig a mix of The Brunettes + Gossip+ electro-folk = Holy Hail. Goat Explosion (Jonathan of Elkland and Jacob of Flashlight Party) brought me back to 1986, wow I would have only been 3 years old...My point is I totally dig 80’s influences but we’re in 2006, can we change it up a bit? I am one who can appreciate synth-heavy tracks but they were missing something, but most of all it was their stage presence that was lacking. I was also completely perplexed by how abruptly their set ended.

But the sole reason the kids came out on a Tuesday night was for the Australian Duo The Presets. I had seen them once before when they opened for Hot Chip at The Bowery Ballroom in the spring, but they made me fall in love with them all over again last night. Julian’s vocals were so on point and Kim’s drumming was out of control. Their set consisted of the hits, " Down Down Down," "Are You the One," and "Girl and the Sea." It was great to see the crowd in their shimmying, spaztastic glory throughout the set. More cowbell!!! Catch The Presets on tour in a city near you before they embark on a UK tour with the Rapture.

Ahh...crazy Tuesday but get ready for crazier Wednesdays? Stay tuned for more info on a new and rad dance party, We are Your Friends to hit New York City. A bi-weekly Wednesday party to celebrate getting halfway through the week, to celebrate the coming weekend and to seeing your friends! Yeahhhhh!


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