Friday, August 25, 2006

I'm sure this incident will somehow turn into a 34-word song title

Actually, that could just be the title.

It looks as if Brendan Urie, the suave-looking, possibly virgin Panic! at the Disco frontman, got owned by a bottle at Carling Weekend: Reading Festival yesterday. It happend during DN fave "The Only Difference Between Suicide and Martyrdom is Press Coverage", but then Brendan just kept on trucking and finished the set in style. Remember when 50 Cent was bottled offstage like two years ago at that thing? Maybe the Carling Weekend should do like the airlines and ban liquids. Behave yourselves, Brits (though, Fiddy deserved that shit, off the record)!

To mark the occasion, here's the Tommy Sunshine remix of "...Suicide and Martyrdom":

Panic! at the Disco - The Only Difference Between Suicide and Martyrdom is Press Coverage (Tommy Sunshine Brooklyn Fire Remix)

The boys Panic are also going on tour this fall. They'll be performing at the Theater at Madison Square Garden November 13th and 14th, so you'll be able to check us out screaming in the front row with the 15-year-olds who get laid more than us :(


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