Sunday, March 11, 2007

After Literally Years of Procrastination, We Decide We Like The Sounds

The fact that The Sounds made the uncouth faux-pas of putting a MisShape on the cover of their most recent album Dying to Say This To You put us off the record faster than you could say "distrubing youth trend"--we shelved the album with giving it no more than one reluctant spin on the DNHQ stereo. We know, don't judge a book etc etc, but seriously, it was the girl from the MisShapes. Anyway, fast forward to last week, we're in London and one of our friends plays us the Rex the Dog remix of "Tony the Beat", an extremely catchy dance-pop number that sounds not unlike New Young Pony Club, only less monotonous. It swiftly became the soundtrack to our weekend. Upon returning to DNHQ, we decided to visit that lonely space between Soulwax and Soundtrack of Our Lives in our record collection and give Dying one last chance.

Verdict: it's fucking good. Expect total Sounds fever once the album is released in the UK (Popjustice is already all over it), and we'll definitely be front-row center when they come back to the States--MisShape or no MisShape.

Here's The Sounds' most recent video, for the brilliant "Painted by Numbers". It stars off with a quite breathtaking crotch shot. Check Maja's jean-shorts-and-susperders combo towards the middle... amazing.

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Blogger Onika said...

Fantastic vid!

She's very proud of her minge ain't she tho? in case you miss the golden shot at the beginning she even swings the mic thru her legs a few times.


12:09 AM  
Blogger CEC said...

I feel like there's a joke about Swedish fish in there somewhere...

12:40 PM  

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