Friday, March 09, 2007

Put your hands on your waistline

We remember reading about Late of the Pier--a gangly bunch of teenage boys making Gary Numan-inspired dance songs--in an NME review of the all ages WayOutWest showcases. BAsically, the review was all like: "Don't forget this name best band ever" etc, but since the NME say shit like that even more then we do, we just made a quick mental note and moved on. WELL. We had the pleasure of catching LOTP opening for the Cribs last weekend in London, and they blew us the fuck away--and not just because their seriously mental fanbase of 16-year-olds were dancing like crazy and freaking out at the beginning of every song. And not just because the bassist was wearing some sort of corset he seemed to have fashioned out of tinfoil. And not just becuase they were playing keyboards balanced on an ironing board. Seriously. It was that awesome.

Here's the boys doing their shit at the Old Blue Last in London not too long ago.

OMG right? There's an MP3 of the song "Broken" over at Green Pea-ness that we're too lazy to upload. You should also check out the gallery of them playing at DURRR last Monday via DirtyDirtyDancing.

Next year we'll all be praying at these kids' feet so like, start early.



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