Monday, February 19, 2007

It Came From WTF: Panic! at Sports Illustrated

We've never picked up an issue of Sports Illustrated in our lives, except maybe to be mentally scarred as children. The magazine exists completely outside of our cultural realm, but the fact that the latest issues combines both the tragically un-hip Music and the compulsory Swinsuit Issues, we kind of had to take a deep breath and check it out. At least 90% of the magazine is truly abominable, full of models we've never seen and artist we've never listened to (see: Kenny Chesney), but a certain photoshoot caught our eye, then our heart, then weaseled its way into our minds and chewed its way back out.

It fascinates us that somewhere, someone thought this was a good idea--four asexual post-teens wearing more make-up than model Julie Henderson--and yet, we can't stop looking at it. We fucking love Panic! (whatever) and if there was ever a band created for such a retarded premise as a music and swimsuits issue, they're it. It would kind of made more sense if the musicians were the swimsuit models, but obviously logic isn't Sports Illustrated's forte, it would seem. Then again half naked Panics probably wouldn't appeal to their target demo: as Steve Coogan says in 24 Hour Party People, "That reminds me, I must pick up some chicken drumsticks on the way home."

Check out more photos over at So More Scene.

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Blogger karen said...

ok so i read DN religiously and i felt compelled to comment: i FUCKING LOVE panic at the disco. fucking LOVE them. i dont care what kind of bullshit indie cred i lose, as soon as i hear, "well i'm of consenting age" i freak out and sing along.
thank you for loving them too, and not being afraid to say it on DN. keep up the good work friends.

2:22 AM  

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