Friday, May 25, 2007

Blogger Make Out: A Hamburger Today

There are few things we here at DNHQ love as much as a good, old fashioned pop band. AND ONE OF THOSE THINGS IS HAMBURGERS.

Rare, done, charcoal-broiled, with cheese, with bacon, mustard, ketchup, chipoltle sauce, etc etc, there's nothing better than a good burger. We've hardly ever passed a fast-food storefront in our LIVES without stopping in our tracks at devour a slab of minced cow meat slapped between two buns with all the trimmin's. Even thinking about it makes our mouths water in aching hunger.

SO. IMAGINE. OUR. JOY when we haphazardly discovered A Hamburger Today, a blog about HAMBURGERS!! OMG!! It has recipes, top 10 lists, restaurant links, everything to make anyone a veritable burger connoisseur.

A Hamburger Today: you have been APPROVED.

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