Thursday, May 24, 2007

Oh God, Disconap is one.

Dear Lord in the Heavens Above, we started this blog a year ago today. ONE FULL YEAR. And it managed to look WORSE!

We were going to make a really long post about loads of shit no one cares about, so instead here are some of our favorite moments from the past 12 months, in easy-to-use index form.

May 2006: It begins. Basically.
June 2006: We discover Cajun Dance Party, and the worlds seems OK for about 9 seconds.
July 2006: KKH discovers powerpoint graphs, and the despair one can experience when an epsiode of Project Runway doesn't quite go your way.
August 2006: Brendan Urie from P!ATD gets owned by a bottle at the Reading Festival. We're sure his guyliner bled more than his head :(
September 2006: WAYF debuts at Fontana's. We'll never be alone again.
October 2006: Pull Tiger Tail bring ghost-riding to the indie scene.
November 2006: Kanye hates on Simian and Justice, thus confirming age-old rumors that he is a douche.
December 2006: Two of our favorite bands come together in holy musical matrimony--or at least were SUPPOSED TO. WTF is up, dudes?
January 2007: The best song of 2007 is prematurely unveiled. And we wet ourselves.
February 2007: Robyn is back! Back!! BACK!!!
March 2007: Reykjavik! make punk OK to listen to again. And also look like vikings.
April 2007: We develop a HUGE crush on French electro-punks Sexual Earthquake in Kobe.
May 2007: We see current girl crush Kaela of The Blow at Irving Plaza, and all is right in the world.

Yeah, there's been quite a few awesome posts over the past year, but one significant moment, one we didn't even report initially, has shaped us more than any other since we've been doing DN. It was magnificent, regal, moving.

And here it is.

We thank you.

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Blogger Mulrine said...

Happy Birthday!

Can Pop Cultureddd come to your party?


4:13 AM  
Blogger CEC said...

It's always a non-stop pop party around here, and you're always invited!

11:50 AM  
Blogger KKH said...

thank you for the birthday wishes! yay!

11:57 AM  
Blogger Mulrine said...

God damn!

I want a non-stop party.

2:51 PM  

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