Thursday, May 17, 2007

Stuck in the middle of a pile of gold and loved every moment of it...

This Tuesday, we got excited...super excited because we got to see The Blow and Electrelane at the Fillmore at Irving Plaza. We wish we had brought our cameras so we could provide you with photos from the show, but we failed in that department. Forgive us. The DN's absolutely adore Khaela from The Blow. The set was not long enough. She totally held her own on stage with fun dance moves, captivating banter, not to mention she sounded great. It was truly magical when almost every girl (there were plenty of boys, lots of tall ones I might add) in the audience sang along to "Parentheses." It was a big love fest of swaying people. We already loved The Blow but now we are actually obsessed.

Just a thought...inclined floors at venues? It could be like an amusement park where there is a height requirement for where you have to situate yourself. Just a thought.

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