Saturday, May 12, 2007

Kind Of Like The Killers, But Gay On Purpose And Not Shit

There are two things we love in this world: really gay pop music, and finding out about bands through MySpace.

WELL. Aren't we the lucky ones then.

Bobby first entered our realm when they tried (and succeeded) to add us on MySpace, a campaign which intrigued us with two factors:

1. Bobby are Swedish
2. They are called Bobby.

Thus, we were hooked. Then came the songs: Erasure, Pet Shp Boys, Human League, Duran Duran, but with just enough of the '00s thrown in the mix to not make it sound totally boring and snoozy. Unfortunately for them, we also discovered Sexual Earthquake in Kobe that week and we sort of forgot all about Bobby, until we were reminded this afternoon by no other than our pop brother in arms, Doorknobz, while we were tearing our faces off at work. Bobby made the rest of the day bearable--not and easy task, and we salute them. Their new single is called "Another Day", it is an amazing pop song with shit artwork.

Bobby - "Another Day" [streaming via MySpace]

Lastly, as if this could get any more awesome, Bobby are named after a fictional drug. Says their website:

Bobby is namned after a "dream/drug" from the book Vurt by Jeff Noon. The drug is originaly called Bobdeniro but Bobby altered it to sound more pop.


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