Friday, May 11, 2007

Not-Crazy Members Of New Order Not Aware Of Own Break Up

Lookin' good, Pete!

Funnily enough and as expected, Peter Hook may have been just blabbin' a whole bunch of gobbly-gook when he reported last week that New Order had split. According to The Guardian, Bernard Sumner's reaction was one of surprise, incredulity and total WTF-ness. Says the band's PR:

"As far as everyone is concerned, New Order will be going to Cannes next week, as a band, to promote the new Joy Division film [Control, a biopic based on the memoirs of Ian Curtis's wife Deborah]," she said. "This is probably just Hooky messing about. Everyone knows what he's like."

Probably just another case of Hooky on the sauce, then. Gotta love the grizzled old man though. They should have cast him as Keira Knightley's swashbuckling uncle in the new Pirates movie. That would have been prize.

Read the full article here.

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