Sunday, May 13, 2007

OK Dutch Rock Band Suddenly Transform Into Amazing Pop Band

This is Krezip.

They're Dutch, and apparently Felix and Jesper from The Sounds wrote songs on their new album, Plug It In. None of those songs were "Plug It In And Turn Me On" though, which is a perfect pop song in that it starts out like it might be not that great but then by the first chorus you are totally convinced that it is GENIUS.

Krezip - Plug It In And Turn Me On [streaming via MySpace]

It looks like Krezip have been around for a while, but as far as we can tell nothing they've done is half as good as "Plug It In...", so this may be on of those instances where we pretend this is their first album, and all that.


The Plug It In cover looks suspiciously like the cover of one of our favorite electro-punk albums of all time, Mommy and Daddy's Fighting Style Killer Panda:


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