Thursday, September 27, 2007

We're not really convinced about the new Alicia Keys song

It's kind of boring and her voice sounds kind of shot in the first verse, but not an awesome Mary J. Blige oh-halp-me-lawd way, which is REALLY REALLY WEIRD. The song does hit upon pop genius near the 3:26 mark with the "Oh-oh-oh-OH-oh" part, but we think we are all in agreement when we say that three and a half minutes into your comeback single is a little late to unleash the awesome pop hook. Anyway here's the video:

We know it's a thin line between Fiona Apple and Vanessa Carlton but it has always boggled our minds that after Songs In A Minor, Ms. Keys keeps trying to get her pop diva on. It's like, dude, you play an instrument, went to a music conservatory and are actually a talented songwriter--why the need to BET it up and shake the booty? We mean maybe she'll pull a Nelly Furtado and impress us all but we don't see the ever-looming shadow on Timbaland behind this new Alicia album. OMG also, what is up with this shit?

Are. You. Serious?

We've always loved Alicia (albeit somewhat from afar) but this does not bode well for the future.


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