Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A Backstreet Boys thought for Halloween

Some readers may be mildly-to-moderately surprised to know that we've never been HUGE Backstreet Boys fans--we were always more of the *NSYNC persuasion, to be perfectly honest. We don't know, something about BSB always struck us as somewhat... common. That said, we have posted twice about them this week so we suppose perhaps the "tides" are changing, as they were. Or maybe it's just the cover of their new album:

1. Is the just the blazing autumn sunset in our eyes, or is AJ kind of decently fuckable on the cover of this record?? Total otter status (ask Wikipedia).
2. We find it amusing that the graphics of Unbreakable feature broken glass, thus defeating the feeble metaphor in the title for the group's long-lasting resilience... or something.
3. We've only just now noticed that the one with the eyebrows left.

So that's a Backstreet Boys post for Halloween then. On with the festivites.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

perfect! ;)

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