Sunday, October 28, 2007

NOT A WYR (Weird YouTube Rut)

Yelle has a new video. Well, actually, it's a Fatal Bazooka video, featuring Yelle on guest vocals. Let us elaborate:

Michael Youn is a French comedian who used to be a radio personality on Skyrock (actually a hip hop station, so confusing) and decided to start a parody rap group called Fatal Bazooka. We know that sounds and looks shitty but it's actually HILARIOUS. They did a song called "J'aime Trop Ton Boule" (I Like Your Ass) that was all about rappers loving dudes' butts. Sounds dumb but was AMAZING.

Anyway here's the video. It's called "Parle A Ma Main" (Talk To The Hand) and it's really good. Yelle's rap only comes in at the 4:00 mark, but it's worth watching the whole thing, because obviously we are the definitive opinion on music in all arenas.

It would take us a long time to break it down but we assure you that what you just saw was HILARIOUS and AMAZING, in equal measures.

Don't thank us.

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