Monday, February 25, 2008

Oh wow, as it turns out Tilly and the Wall are fucking amazing

So yeah, we've just been told that Tilly and the Wall, who are from the Midwest (where pop goes to die, obviously) have a new single out called "Beat Control". For some reason we've never really been into Tilly and the Wall, despite their having several components that have "DN SEAL OF APPROVAL" written all over them (women, tap dancing, etc). But because this song has the word "beat" in the title, we decided to "take it for a spin", so to speak (putting the word "beat" in your song title always makes for a tune ("It's The Beat", "We've Got the Beat", "The Beat Goes On", etc), much like putting the word "high" or "higher" into your song title makes said song irreversibly shit ("Higher", "Higher", "Higher, etc)). Anyway, we listened to this thing and it turns out that Tilly have left the twee/indie pop thing by the wayside and made a Very Good Pop Record Indeed, which the world is always in good need of.


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