Monday, February 11, 2008

We told you so.

It is to our great shame and dismay that we didn't know this existed until we saw it in the "Most Viewed Today" column as we were perusing today. Apparently more than 700,000 people have seen this video (though haven't talked about it because the embedding feature is disabled). So we had to find a mirror. Anyway here it is, it's the new Lil Mama featuring Chris Brown and T-Pain single, "Shawty Get Loose". Oh how the mighty have fallen.

It's kind of a good song, though no where near the genius of a "Lipgloss" or a "G-Slide" (WHERE ARE THE NURSERY RHYMES AND COSMETICS?!?!??) but Mama's hair is approximately 70% better here than it was in those videos, so we're sure wrongs have been righted in some respects.

We shall reserve judgment until her album is released. In like 2085.

PS: We feel like T-Pain is older than Chris Brown and Lil Mama combined (albeit, the median age for that crew is like, fetal).

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Blogger hotdoorknobs said...

ZZZZZZZZ kind of a bummer :--(

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