Friday, April 04, 2008

Against literally all odds, the new Ne-Yo song is fucking amazing

This is young R&B "crooner" Ne-Yo.

While we're sure we've heard Ne-Yo songs in the past (perhaps while perusing our local drug store, or blasting out of an Escalade at 3AM) we've never quite paid attention to the young man's oeuvre: that is until now. Keeping in mind that everything Ne-Yo has done up to this point is irrevocably shit, we urge you, the DN reader, to turn your attention to "Closer", his new single and possibly the best male R&B single of the year (which makes it, if you've been keeping track, 2008's answer to "Icebox" by Omarion). It's pretty gay, which is what makes it good, though we of course will not comment on Mr. Yo's sexual persuasion. We will, however, comment on the fact that he has a pencil mustache.

We leave you with a YouTube audio/video thing of "Closer", illustrated with "pics" of Ne-Yo looking saucy.


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