Friday, May 16, 2008

Surprise: We Are Scientists' new record is good

This is a picture of We Are Scientists' rather good new album, Brain Thrust Mastery that we took with our cell phone:

It look us a while to listen to it because, full disclosure, we kind of got it the first time around, the lead singer went completely grey, Chris shaved off his mustache and the hottest member of the band left--not the recipe for a brilliant "sophomore" release, we're sure you'll agree. So we were kind of like eh, A+ for effort but whatever, THAT IS UNTIL WE SAW THIS:

...which is the video for WAS' AMAZING new single "Chick Lit". It seems like WAS have taken some time off from being the Fall Out Boy of indie and have reinvented themselves as the Every Pop Band From The '80s Ever of indie. The concept behind Brain Thrust Mastery (i.e. young men playing pop music in a tropical setting for older ladies) isn't anything Heaven 17 or ABC haven't done before, but it's amusing and the songs are good so we give WAS 75% on this one.

Good job boys.

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Blogger Andrea Pacheco said...

took a time of from being the Fall Out Boy of indie? c'mon, WAS is amazing, it has nothing to do with FOB, haha! I dind't know that they had released a new record, and some months ago i was wondering if they actually still alive..haven't heard of them lately.. but anyway, they are (very)good! :D

12:46 PM  
Blogger CEC said...

That first record is obviously an emo band duping indie people into buying their album, which isn't a bad thing in itself.

12:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

WAS first album was terrible in my opinion. This one sounds quite a bit better.

12:31 PM  
Blogger CEC said...

I think the first album had its merits. I really liked the fact that they were an emo band in complete disguise and fooled most of the record-buying public into thinking they were "indie"--a commendable feat, in my opinion.

12:19 AM  
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