Friday, May 16, 2008

We were going to Photoshop the members of Hot Chip's heads onto some Rolex watches for this post

...but quickly realized we couldn't be bothered. Instead, here is a fairly recent press shot featuring the majesty of Joe Goddard's ginger beard:


The faithful readers of this blog (all five of you) should know by now that we don't like Hot Chip: we fucking adore them. It's of our humble popinion (that was a typo but we are SO keeping it) that they are currently the Best Pop Band in the World, and we could go on and on and on about how happy it makes us that five not-so-easy-on-the-eyes laptop geeks from England that literally sound like '60s stop-motion cartoon Davey and Goliath can make dance music that tops the charts--it literally makes us believe, for the length of an album, that we're not all going to slowly die in a horrible post-apocalyptic wasteland due to global warming. There are people who don't like Hot Chip's new record Made In The Dark, and to those people we say: fuck you in the asshole.

Yesterday we came across Hot Chip doing a cover of Wiley's current amazing "crossover" (read: it was made by a black man but white people like it) hit "My Rolex" the band recorded for Jo Whiley's BBC Live Lounge program, and it is obviously the most brilliant thing we're ever heard in our entire lives, the best bit being at 2:37 when Joe starts going "Jo Whiley's a party girl and she knows it" which is exactly the so-uncool-it's-amazing attitude towards pop music and culture that make Hot Chip the best. We know the song has been out for ages (i.e. like a week, literally eons in Internet Time) but here/now it is if you missed it:

Hot Chip - My Rolex (Live at BBC Live Lounge) (YSI)

Hot Chip - My Rolex (Live at BBC Live Lounge) (zShare)

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