Friday, June 27, 2008

Basically, what we're gonna do is listen to this song about 20 times today


That was the new Vanessa Hudgens video for her brilliantly titled song "Sneakernight". We've been happily ignorant of the whole High School Musical phenomenon, and after listening to this song we're all like, maybe we were kind of wrong? We dunno, but if all Vanessa's other songs sound anything like "Sneakernight" (probability: 1,000,000:1) we're about to get into her back catalog like whoa (we haven't said "like whoa" since 2003, could someone please bring that back? Do we have to do everything ourselves?). Don't worry, we still think that Radio Disney is a thinly-veiled governmental brainwashing operation (only half joking), but we are about to be the only people to get down to this song in a club when someone plays it out. Like, the only people in the entire club. Wait, here are some numerics:

1. 2thewalls pointed out that "Sneakernight" is basically a Nikka Costa song, which it really, really is. Wikipedia has next to no info on the song, but we highly suspect Nikka had something to do with this. If this becomes some sort of Mylène Farmer/Alizée shit (Google it--French Pop Ed) we will seriously freak out.

2. WHAT IS IT WITH CELL PHONES IN VIDEOS (see: "No Air", that awful new Jennifer Hudson song).

We're tempted to give "Sneakernight" a score of 85% Amazing. Premature? Probably. But rationality has never been our forte (We've noticed--World).

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

totally nikka costa

4:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"No Air" was sung by Jordin Sparks, not Jennifer Hudson.

1:53 PM  
Blogger CEC said...

I know, I meant "No Air" and "Spotlight" by J Hud. I'm not a very good writer.

6:34 PM  
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