Saturday, July 26, 2008

Danity Kane continue to set women's rights back deacdes with new video

But it's quite a catchy kind of socio-political backpedal, isn't it?

That was the video for "Bad Girls", the new Danity Kane single that isn't anywhere near the brilliance of "Damaged" (but frankly, friends, what is). Yes, we have deep seeded problems with Danity Kane, one of which being their total inability to make a video that doesn't make us want to keel over and die, but with the stale state of pop music at the moment, we're saddened to say we'll take what we can get. At least they didn't make a sudden turn as heart surgeons in this promo.


On another note, of all the decent R&B acts at the moment, why the hell would Missy choose to make her comeback writhing in a tracksuit with Danity Motherfucking Kane? We know the velvet glove of Puff Daddy reaches far and wide across the land of hip hop, but couldn't she have at least hooked up with Rihanna? Fuck, Ms. Kelly? ANYBODY? Missy, you embarrass us, you embarrass yourself. We like your hair though.

All this does is make us miss Aaliyah more than we already do. EVERY DAY IS A STRUGGLE.

:( x everything in the world squared.

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