Thursday, July 03, 2008

Is that a Presets single cover in your pocket...

...or are you just happy to see us?*

The Presets have decided to release their best song since "Are You The One?" as a digital EP in the US via iTunes. There's even a K.I.M. remix, which we suppose is kind of meta when you get deep down to it, but it's fairly decent. This may seem controversial, but we're way more into Kimberly than Jules--for one, he has a girl's name (No, he doesn't--Australian Culture Ed.), and kind of looks like he might touch you in an inappropriate place in the back of a Sedan--and we like that.

Anyway the song is like, a million % amazing, sounds like an updated version of Bronski Beat, and you should get it.

*It looks like a penis.

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