Friday, September 21, 2007

Disconap: Yesterday's Kylie news, today

So here's some Kylie news.

It would seem like after all that "brouhaha", only one Calvin Harris song will be used on the new Kylie record. We suppose that's still one more than Mylo or Hot Chip, who's songs were totally scrapped. Bummer. Mylo got one over everyone and posted his Kylie track on his MySpace page, and all we can say is that if THIS track got scrapped than this album will be the "Nevermind" of pop. Listen to it by clicking on this bit of highlighted text.

Anyway, the Calvin track is called "Heart Beat Rock" and since it features both Calvin Harris and Kylie Minogue we're sure it will be quite listenable.

You can read more info on the record (named "X" because it's the tenth Kylie album etc etc) over at the forums.

And that is all the Kylie news for today. "Over and out", as they say.

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Blogger Abz said...

why did her hair and makeup people let her look like amanda lepore in this shot? or perhaps it's amanda after all these years trying to look like kylie...

2:55 PM  

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