Tuesday, September 18, 2007

What the fuck is going on in the new MIka video


Mika has a new video out for his new single "Happy Ending". Mika is very hit and miss ("Grace Kelly" = amazing, "Billy Brown" = possibly the stupidest song in the history of recorded music), but we kind of like "Happy Ending", especially the line in the chorus where he goes "I feel as if I'm wasted/And I'm wasted every day" (we feel you, girl), but OH MY GOD the video.

It's a dream. It's not a dream. Stuffed animals crying. The sky's made out of balloons. Floating hands start talking. What a fucking mess.

We've totally ranted about his before, but what ever happened to simple, cool-looking videos? Like:






Basically, the '90s are due for a comeback.

PS: We are not an alternative music blog, we are a pop music blog.

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Blogger Unknown said...

i just cannot get into Mika and his banshee shrieks but that is one cool video.

3:08 PM  

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