Thursday, July 13, 2006

Who will be Auf'd?

When the God of Music Nerdom spoke to us in our dreams and commanded us to start this blog, His intentions were crystal clear: "My child, do not stray from the path of over-hyped British pop and indie obscurity, for it leads to Blogads and boundless Unique Visitors." Alas, today when have done Him wrong, but we cannot help ourselves: there's a new season of Project fucking Runway.

As the kids say, OMG. PR is, without a doubt, the greatest reality show in existence, and from what we saw on last night's premiere episode, not much has changed from the winning formula of seasons 1 and 2: Nina's still a bitch, Heidi still had horrid syntax, Tim's still an android. While we won't get deep into details, KKH and I would like to present our favorite (and least favorite) cast members from PR3, based on last night.

We loved:
Malan, the uber-creepy Thai Crispin-Glover-in-Willard lookalike with the maniacal laugh. We also think he might have a fake accent. Cannot get enough. Already hates all of the cast members in a very snooty, upturned-nose way, and dresses like an undertaker.

We despised:
Tie between Jeffrey and Keith: Jeffrey because he follows the term "rock stars" with "Jennifer Lopez and Britney Spears", and his neck tattoo would make Henry Rollins cringe. Oh, and his garment looked like something out of The Secret of NIMH. Keith because the fact that he won the challenge will inflate his head even more.

CEC Projected final 3:
Michael Knight, the gentle ATL homie; Alison Kelley, the NYC hipster; and Keith Michael, the talented douche.

KKH Projected final 3:
I agree with 2 out of the 3 CEC picks. Keith Michael (reminds me of a darker Jude Law + Nick Stahl blend) - everyone has a little love for assholes + he's essential for ratings; Michael Knight *insert Knight Rider theme now*; Ulrike Herzner, the German from Miami Beach - wild card pick.


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