Thursday, July 27, 2006

Who will be Auf'd? #3

Before we go into this week's episode of PR3 and the sort-of-untimely expulsion of Katherine, please take a moment, as we did, to savor the above image of Keith giving Laura "the hand". I want this show to get gayer and gayer and gayer, until it becomes a sort of gay reality TV supernova, shining bright and forever in the galaxy of popular culture.

Moving on.

Where the fuck is Michael Kors? Not that I'm not completely in love with Vera Wang, and would somehow find a way to father her babies if she were still capable of child-bearing, but I miss Michael's bitchy, slightly slurred commentaries. And I'm not OK with randomly bringing Ivanka Trump into the mix. Though it was funny hearing her saying "streetwalker", instead of "whore", "slut" or "Paris Hilton" when describing Angela's shitty-ass metallic-jacket-and-skirt combo. Speaking of Angela, her bio and profile on seem to have been deleted: COULD THAT MEAN SHE'S THE DESIGNER TO GET BOOTED OFF THE SHOW NEXT WEEK? God knows they've set her up enough. Stay tuned. It's back up. There's goes that theory...

It kind of sucks that Katherine got booted off so early... though she was a bit of a wuss, she was a likeable, sort of endearing wuss, who looked not unlike Jack Osbourne. Had she put a hoodie on her dress like T. Gunn had suggested, Angela probably would have been eliminated. Oh well. As we've just predicted, she'll probably be kicked off next week. HOT.


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